Terms and Conditions


Once we have discussed your order, we will prepare up a formal order form and email it to you.

This order will show, name, address, email, phone, delivery/install date (subject to change). This will also show cubby, and all options/extras you wish to add, it will show roof colour and accessory colour. Once you are happy with this order then we will require a 50% deposit upon acceptance of order, balance is required in full three days prior to installation/delivery/pick up.

What is on this order sent to you is what is manufactured, please ensure all your requested requirements are specified on the order correctly.

No orders are placed or scheduled into our system until your deposit has been received, therefore no dates for install are final until deposit has been paid. Generally speaking : Cubbies are available 3-4 weeks after deposit has been received. Should we received your deposit in three weeks from receipt of invoice, cubby will not be allocated a place in our schedule until such time. Again, please note that these dates are subject to slight change.

Should your balance not be received three days prior, your cubby will be placed on hold and an alternate delivery date will be given, we are however able to accept cash on day of installation for INSTALLATION PORTION only.



All our Timbers are Treated Timbers used externally on all of our custom cubby houses, no timber whether treated or not is immune from weathering and rotting if not painted and monitored for wear from rain, sun or damp. Please make sure you are painting or monitoring your cubby on a yearly basis.

Should you have termites in your area, these cubbies are not “termite proof” we do not claim our cubbies are termite proof – you should have the cubby professionally termite treated if you are in a termite infested area or speak to your pest controller prior to purchase to get advise on your termite issue .

The treatment on the timber we use contains no chemicals or arsenic and is therefore safe for Children. We use natural timber, some timber contains knots and dents and imperfections – these are not defects, but a natural part of the timber and is still structural enough and is fit for purpose

All timber products require some preparation and care prior to painting .  Letterboxes , planter boxes , top of picket fencing have all been cut with saws , there may be a slight roughness to some edges .  It is expected that the customer may have to spend 5-10 minutes prior to painting with a little piece of sand paper to take these rough edges away .  Timber requires preparation .



When ordering a cubby or structure from Cubby Central we do not get involved with any council permits. It is the responsibility of the customer to enquire whether a permit is required, and to apply if it is deemed necessary.

We advise that the customer enquires about a council permit if you are purchasing a large structure from Cubby Central.

Cubby Central takes no responsibility for a structure that requires a permit ,where the customer has failed to obtain a council approval. Any cost to modify or move the structure will be incurred by the customer.



Please note: our cubbies are not manufactured like Ikea furniture, they are not pre drilled – a level of building knowledge is required. We strongly recommend having Cubby Central install your cubby. Please do not alter or cut down pieces when self installing should you not be able to get them to fit – all cubbies are made from jigs and do not need to be altered.   If you have an issue during your self install, please call us, we can guide you through over the phone or offer assistance. (issues do occur when customers do not follow instructions, take it upon themselves to alter ,    or items are cut or altered which makes the installation impossible ) .  We then receive a call saying we have supplied wrong pieces or items are not square  –   please look into us installing for you. Yes there is a cost, however installation will be undertaken correctly with the minimum of fuss.

Should you find you are missing pieces of the cubby – please call .  We are a small business and there are times that small pieces can be missed whilst packing .  We will happily get the piece to you as quickly as we can .  Alternatively if you are able to purchase the missing piece we will happily re-imburse you for the item. We can either deliver it personally or have it couriered to you .  Please call as soon as you realise ( hopefully with a nice tone of voice – lol ) and we will try to assist as quickly as we can .

Please also note :  If you cubby is not installed level – the walls and doors and items such as hinged windows will not be able to be fitted correctly and may look “out of level / plumb”   It is VITAL that the floor is level prior to any install of windows and door etc .  Elevation kits are an extremely important item that must be installed correctly on posts and bearers , if you are installing or making your own elevation , we unfortunately can take no responsibility for doors, windows  and walls that are not level .  Elevation’s need and must sit on bearers . Please enquire as to the correct way to raise your cubby if you are concerned .



The installer will leave site with the cubby in working order , and manufactured to the appropriate safety standards , it is up to you the customer to maintain your product .  Once installed the installer is to be paid in full on day of completion unless paid for prior ,  by paying this installation fee you are acknowledging the work has been completed , customer has checked over items installed and no rectification on the day is necessary . Cubby Central do not make numerous trips back to site with requests to change or alter any installed works . ( See below information re cracking and splitting of timber and maintenance of timber after installation )  Please note that Timber is a natural product , we cut the product and edges may require a sand prior to painting or staining ..  All timber will require preparation prior to paint , sanding may be necessary to ensure there are no rough edges to the fencing , planters , letter box and walls if necessary .  A light sand with a small piece of sand paper is all that will be required  . To sand a fence , letterbox or top of pickets should take no more than 5-10 minutes .


If your purchase is found to have a manufacturing fault during its first 12 months, Cubby Central will, at their discretion, replace or repair it. However freight or travel costs may be payable by the consumer.

Please note that all goods are subject to wear and tear and should be maintained, so our manufacturer’s warranty does not cover conditions caused through general use. Regular upkeep and maintenance should be put in place , with re painting or staining on a yearly basis .  All cubbies will require upkeep to ensure their safety and durability .

Our 12-month manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the following:


  • Twisting, warping, checking, splitting, cracks, knots or knot holes  or any other naturally occurring properties of wood that do not affect performance or structural integrity of the timber . These timbers will expand and contract in differing weather conditions and will move with changing of conditions .
  • Cosmetic defects which do not affect performance or structural integrity of a part or the entire product, including , knots or indentations in the wood , surface rust on hardware or metal components and colour fading;
  • Rough edges to planters , letterbox or picket fencing .  This is a 5 minute job to lightly sand over any rough edges to ensure a smooth painting experience .
  • Rust is a natural occurrence with any outdoor steel product and is likewise not covered by this warranty, to the extent that it does not affect the structural integrity of the product;
  • Defects caused by atmospheric corrosion – cracking or splitting due to sun and weathering – These are timber products and we cannot stop small hairline splits or cracks . 
  • Improper installation, including but not limited to, installation on uneven, unlevelled, soft or waterlogged ground;
  • Vandalism, improper use, failure due to loading or use beyond the product’s capacity;
  • Acts of nature including, but not limited to, wind, storms, hail, floods or excessive water exposure.


Maintaining your product – It is the CUSTOMERS responsibility to :

 Check ground surfacing is free of debris and contamination.

  • Check for vandalism and for any damage or missing parts. Isolate if necessary.
  • Sand pickets , letterbox , planters if there are any rough spots to the timber .
  • Sand timbers where splinters occur and if any non-structural cracks constitute any form of entrapment, use an appropriate silicon to fill the crack. Any cracks that do occur will infact become worse if not painted if timber is left raw  .  Fill and re paint any cracks immediately to stop further cracking of the timber .
  • Check all fasteners for tightness and tighten as required.
  • To prevent deterioration, remove plastic swings seats and other plastic accessories when not in use for long periods or when temperatures are extreme. Check for evidence of deterioration and if evidence exists, replacements should be purchased.
  • Check all moving parts, oil when necessary. Check wear on self-lubricating bearings and replace if necessary.
  • Check all hardware and equipment for sharp edges and replace as necessary.
  • Check soft fall surfacing to ensure it is at recommended depth and no footings are showing through. Top up if necessary.
  • Ensure any borders are secure and do not constitute trip points and have no rough/sharp edges.
  • Check synthetic surfaces are in good condition and securely in place to provide impact absorption.
  • Check for any overgrown bushes or hazards that may have intruded into the area.
  • Check the structural integrity of equipment subject to corrosion or rotting and repair as needed.


How to lodge a warranty claim: 1) Contact the store you purchased your product from to explain your concerns.  2) Send a copy of your original sales receipt and a brief written description of the problem, including how it occurred. At Cubby Central sole discretion, we may ask you to send photographs. We reserve the right to examine photographs or physical evidence claimed to be defective prior to making a final determination concerning the claim. 3) After inspection and consideration, Cubby Central will make a final determination whether the concern is covered by this warranty. We will also need to sight a photo of the product FULLY PAINTED or stained with evidence of date painted showing painting completed 3 weeks after installation date .   We advise cubbies MUST be painted within 3 weeks maximum of installation date or any timber warranties will be void.



While natural timber products are extremely sturdy and durable, timber products are organic and can be influenced by its surroundings. This means that temperature changes and moisture levels changes can be cause natural movement, splits and cracks and hairline splits in the timber as it shrinks and dries over time.

All woods are hydroscopic, that is, it will absorb or discharge moisture to attain equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. Typically, in the Australian climate, it is common to experience a loss of moisture. The loss of moisture content from the wood, results in the shrinkage of wood due to the loss of water. This can be interpreted by some that it weakens the overall quality of wood. However, in reality, the opposite occurs. In fact, seasoned timber (dried timber) contains properties that make it superior to wet timber. In fact, the drying of timber results in increased strength, bending strength and stiffness.  Also, as the plant cells become more compressed, it results in a structure that is harder and more resistant to bumps and other damage. Lastly, the decreased water content considerable reduces the weight of timber.

When our timber is first sourced by the timber yards, it is composed of a considerable amount of water which can range anywhere from 40% to 400% of the log.  Timbers are then normally kiln-dried to speed up the drying process before we purchase it to manufacture our products. However, dried timber will still retain a small percentage of moisture and the timber will continue to dry when being built and used. Timber dries from the outside to the centre, which can be a lengthy process that can take up to 6 years (timber species and size dependent) to reach its equilibrium moisture content (EMC).

As a result, the wood drying process continues well after being installed in your backyard. The drying process generally results in the shrinkage of wood, as the wood shrinks, warping and checks may begin to form in the exterior of the timber. You can be assured that we supply the correct diameter and size timber pieces to allow for any eventual timber drying cracks to ensure safety is maintained.  Most of the wood splits will never become large enough to affect the reliability and strength of our products, however, there can be some  cases where splits can occur. Only when a crack develops past the halfway point from the timber, splitting it into two separate pieces, is the structural integrity effected . Splits and cracks are a part of natural timber in the weather conditions  . It does not effect the structural integrity of the product and small cracks are not covered under our manufacturers warranty .

You  need to maintain your timber products often.  Timber must be coated (and re-coated) with an appropriate layers of surface protection such as a stain or paint finish, and how often re-coating is required is again dependent on the product’s surroundings and the look you want maintained – it might be 6 months or 6 years! . Be sure to check over your timber products yearly, sand away sharp points or splinters and fill cracks where necessary. It is up to you the customer to maintain your equipment after installation has occurred .



Cubbies WILL NOT be installed in wet weather. If the weather on day of scheduled installation is wet, another suitable day will need to be arranged regardless of Birthdays or functions. We apologise for this inconvenience , but with safety in mind our installers will not install in hail / gusty winds or even light showers – most customers are accepting of this , however a small portion think its fine for our installers to stand on a cubby roof in 80km an hour wind gusts . This will not happen …unless you agree to stand out with them in squally rains to watch – lol

If day of installation is wet, we will reschedule, however installations that were previously cancelled will be given priority.

Whilst we aim to provide customers with their requested accessory colour, such as slides, wheels, telescopes, handles etc, it is not always possible. If a specific colour is not in stock, you will be given the option of colors we do have in stock. Therefore no colour is guaranteed in relation to accessories and we do apologize if your chosen colour is not delivered with your order.

All delivery dates are subject to change. Whilst we try to accommodate all requested dates and times of arrival, we are a small company sometimes things can change and delays can occur due to delays on prior installations, weather, manufacturing issues or time delays in general. We hope you can be understanding as scheduling all cubbies to each customers requirements can be challenging!


Interstate Freight

Our cubbies are delivered to Sydney and Canberra and Regional Victoria by our own drivers . Cost for Sydney Metro is $ 550 .  We cannot offer Qld Deliveries .  We require standard access .  If the item is to be carried more than a driveway length to the back of a property – PLEASE ADVISE OUR STAFF , there may be additional costs involved .  We will of course help as much as we can but our driver is driving alone most of the time and will need assistance if carried further than a standard driveway .

Delivery / Installation Site

The site in which cubby is to be installed on is to be level and free of debris, all trees /bushes removed. We do not remove trees or bushes from cubby location. Should we encounter a tree root, installation will be stopped until the customer has removed the tree or obstacle in the way. We do not remove rubbish that is not related to the cubby install after installation has taken place. If we encounter rock on site, there will be an additional fee to dig elevation posts into this rock and will be discussed with client prior to commencement or after noticing rock on the first initial dig.


Our installers are there to install your cubby to the best of their ability. It is you, the customer’s responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the installation of the cubby PRIOR TO THE INSTALLER LEAVING YOUR PREMISES. You must view the cubby ON THE DAY the installation is undertaken. AT THAT TIME advise the installer if necessary what you are unhappy with or what you feel needs to be rectified – YOU MUST ADVISE THE INSTALLER ON THE DAY. After the cubby has been installed, and you have given the ok, paid the installer, the installer will not return to the premises to “fix” something that you have noticed weeks after it has been installed.

Should there be difficult access or cubby is required to be carried above and beyond reasonable distance, there will be a fee to do so. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise Cubby Central if you have difficult access to the area and we will advise if there will be a fee to install in this area.

Returns / Change Of Mind Policy

Cubby Central do not offer any form of cash refund of either deposits paid , or balances paid for product prior to installation. We will offer a credit for product at a later date or install at a time that is more convenient. We do not offer cash refunds for change of mind or circumstances. Should you NOT REQUIRE a credit or product later on your deposit or payment will be forfeited.

Should you find a problem with your product after installation, please be sure to contact Cubby Central immediately after installation for rectification.