The Inside Play Space

Whilst cubbies can look amazing from the outside and are beautiful addition to your backyard , it is just as important to have them looking and feeling great on the inside too .

There are a few basics that kids consider must have’s in their own little play space :

A little warmth with a rug or vinyl on the floor
A Kitchen , pots pans cups and saucers
Table and Chairs for tea parties .
Pretend Food
Perhaps a little chalk board with chalk
Pens and Pencils ( for paper only kids )
A cash register to play shops
Snacks and lots of teddies and friends to play .
Oh , and mum and dad too ! .

Gorgeous play spaces for active kids .

With a little imagination your cubby can be transformed into anything you want it to be. A castle or a kingdom , a cafe or fire house , a store or police station . The options are endless .

Contact us today to see how we can manufacture your kids their own little dream home .