Our most popular design. A great size for most families. Add the Kids Cafe Servery Window or Slide Side for a fantastic play haven for your kids!

All of our cubbies also have a roof eave which are the edges of the roof that will overhang the face of the wall by 150mm . The eaves form an overhang to throw water clear of the walls . This is a very important aspect of any cubby and assists with weathering .  Some of our pictures will show the cubbies with various upgrades of weatherboards , hinged windows in lieu of sliding , kids cafe , side veranda infills , or slide platforms .  All these are available to view on our “Cubby Add On ” Page of this site .


This is a great size cubby with lots of room to play or have tea parties . Cubby Central Cubbies are unique and a little boutique.

Please use the Arrow Key to scroll through dozens of our beautiful cubbies. Our Cubbies will be supplied raw unless otherwise ordered . They MUST be painted or stained to ensure their longevity. They should be monitored for weathering regularly and re painted if showing signs of wear or give them a birthday every 12 months, this way you you will have a cubby that will last your childs childhood .

Please see below re timber preparation prior to paint or stain



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This Cubby Includes :

  • External Chemical Free Kid Safe ACQ Treated Pine. (Upgrade to Weatherboard Available as in some pics $599)
  • Standard Full Paneled Door. ( Barn and Perspex Upgrades available $ 45 barn door , $ 60 Perspex )
  • 2 Front Sliding Perspex Windows ( some photos are shown with our hinged window upgrade $ 120 )
  • Picket Front Fencing.Letterbox, and two planter boxes
  • Skylight to back roof pitch
    Choice of Any Roof Colour from the colorbond range. (

Extras Available and shown in some pics below :

Upgrade to Weatherboard in lieu of standard pailings ( smooth and pre primed ) $ 599

Hinged windows in lieu of standard sliding $ 125

1.2 x 1.2 Platform with plastic slide and rock wall $ 1200 – see slide side page for more details .

Increasing Wall height from 1.4 to 1.7 $ 500


Please use the arrows next to photos to see lots more of our beautiful Flagstaff Range – just keep scrolling to see at least 70 beautiful cubbies on this page .

Lots of our Flagstaff photos will show our shop servery and 1.2 x 1.2 slide platforms , please see our Cubby Optional Extras / Add ons page to add this to your quotation .

It is very important that your cubby is stained or painted within three weeks of installation to ensure its longevity . Cubbies need protection from the harsh elements , natural timber can bend wharp and split of not treated with care .  Please DO NOT leave the cubby in its raw form .

Please also note our cubbies like any other timber product require preparation prior to painting . Pickets, planter boxes and letterboxes and 300 elevation kit steps,  timber may need a  sand prior to paint or stain . These are a rough sawn timber product and are not completly smooth.  A Weatherboard upgrade is available at $ 599 .



2.4m wide x 1.8m deep internally – Other Custom Sizes Available – please enquire
2.1m from floor to top of roof pitch
Plus a 700mm front verandah
Overall Footprint 2.4m wide x 2.5m deep.

Please allow 150mm each side of roof for roof overhang which will create an “eave” to the sides of the cubby walls .


ALL our cubbies require staining or painting within THREE weeks of installation . ALL Timber MUST be painted with a dedicated undercoat then two coats of exterior paint or stained with several coats of an oil based stain . You MUST maintain your cubby by watching for any signs of weathering . Timber may wharp , chip , split and bend if not properly maintained and timber will expand and contract in the weather. A THICK Coat of UNDERCOAT is required on all surfaces especially facia boards and posts holding up veranda . The timber is treated timber but no timber is fully resistant to weathering , like any timber around your home , they require maintenance ! . You can avoid most deterioration with a regular maintenance routine including re painting all timber facia boards and posts every 12-18 months. Please watch for wear and look after your product to allow this cubby to last the test of time .  Planter boxes , letterbox and pickets will require a brief sand prior to painting .  Like any timber product they require preparation prior to paint .  We cut the timber and there may be some rough edges in this process , it is  normal to have to give any timber a slight sand prior to paint .  Preparation is the key to a beautiful end result .