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Custom Cubbies Melbourne

Cubby Central can manufacture anything you can imagine. Not only do we have our standard designs, we can adjust them to suit your space or design something to suit a tricky spot in your yard.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us to discuss your requirements!

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Are you  looking for  truly unique , boutique , Custom Cubby House – ? , well you have found a small company based in Melbourne , that would love to manufacture  your Custom Cubby Dream .   On this page,  you will see lots of pics of all our happy customer’s cubbies. There are numerous pictures below that are from our standard range , but also some custom cubbies that were manufactured to clients specifications .  Different options, sizes, shapes and designs. If you like something you see  here we would be happy to provide you with a quote , better still , send us a simple sketch and we can help turn that dream into a reality with a gorgeous Custom Designed Cubby … Cubbies Melbourne Cubbies are truly unique.  Please use the arrow keys to navigate many many new designs and ideas .
All our cubbies  can be altered to suit your yard . We often deal with customers that are after something custom , away from the norm of a square box .  We are asked can we alter our cubby house designs ? The answer is of course yes , We can alter to make the cubby , smaller , wider , taller , deeper , we can change our cubby house windows to match your existing home , we can use different materials .  Would you like a shingled roof ? We can offer that . Our Custom Cubbies , manufactured here in Melbourne can be tailored to suit you .
Please note that Cubby Central do not offer a Council Permit Application Service .  If you are installing a larger cubby in your yard please make contact with your local council in relation to their rules and regulations in your region . Cubby Central will provide all drawings and specs if requested by council.>.