Billie Grand Cubby House

Premium Timber
High temperature treated and stained timber
Perspex enclosed windows, side arched double-casement windows
Over-sized arched front window
Picket styled fence, large veranda posts and post caps
Matte Stained wood for a smooth, natural finish

Dimensions and Weight

Asembled Dimensions: 239cm x 206cm x 189cm (L x W x H)
Cubby House: 150cm (Depth) x 172cm (W) x 189cm (H)
Veranda: 73cm (Depth) x 175cm (W)


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The Billy Grand Cubby House is the perfect medium sized cubby house our Flat Packed range. A picket fence, large windows all round, spacious verandah and house are some of the feature Aussie families love about the Billie Grand Cubby House.

The Billie Grand is finished in a water base stain (natural colour). For longevity it is highly recommended to paint the cubby. But who wants a plain cubby anyway?

What’s Included: House, Veranda and floor.
Not Included: Support base (Timber Sleepers), Cubby Shelf, Carport, Mailbox & Flowerbox