Terms and Conditions


Once we have discussed your order, we will prepare up a formal order form and email it to you.

This order will show, name, address, email, phone, delivery/install date (subject to change). This will also show cubby, and all options/extras you wish to add, it will show roof colour and accessory colour. Once you are happy with this order then we will require a 50% deposit upon acceptance of order, balance is required in full three days prior to installation/delivery/pick up.

What is on this order sent to you is what is manufactured, please ensure all your requested requirements are specified on the order correctly.

No orders are placed or scheduled into our system until your deposit has been received, therefore no dates for install are final until deposit has been paid. Generally speaking : Cubbies are available 3-4 weeks after deposit has been received. Should we received your deposit in three weeks from receipt of invoice, cubby will not be allocated a place in our schedule until such time. Again, please note that these dates are subject to slight change.

Should your balance not be received three days prior, your cubby will be placed on hold and an alternate delivery date will be given, we are however able to accept cash on day of installation for INSTALLATION PORTION only.



Cubby Central use  Treated Timbers on all external walls and decks of cubbies, we use treated timbers for weathering and rotting purposes only.

Should you have termites in your area, these cubbies are not “termite proof” we do not claim our cubbies are termite proof – you should have the cubby professionally termite treated if you are in a termite infested area or speak to your pest controller prior to purchase to get advise on your termite issue .

The treatment on the timber we use contains no chemicals or arsenic and is therefore safe for Children. We use natural timber, some timber contains knots and dents and imperfections – these are not defects, but a natural part of the timber and is still structural enough and is fit for purpose.



Cubby Central offer a 12 month warranty on all external timbers, the cubby however MUST be stained, painted or oiled within 3 weeks of installation. Should you wish to use this warranty, we will need to site a picture with date showing date of Staining/Painting or Oiling.. Shrinkage and splitting of timber may occur if timber is not treated correctly with oil / stain or paint. We TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE TO THE CUBBY DUE TO WEATHERING IF IT HAS NOT BEEN CORRECTLY STAINED OR PAINTED WITHIN 3 WEEKS OF INSTALLATION. After 12 months of cubby being installed = Cubby Central do not offer any form of warranty on the timber or part thereof.

All painted cubbies , must be monitored for wear and weathering .  It is important that your cubby is regularly checked for wear and re-painted , sanded , stained should you notice timber weathering – this will increase the life of your cubby house .  .  Please care for your cubby by protecting it yearly .

Please be mindful that these are rough sawn products, there may be some edges that MAY require a sand with sandpaper, all cubbies will need to be sanded down to some degree prior to painting to eliminate any rough edges to fences and pailings.

Please be aware that unless stated otherwise, cubbies will be supplied in their raw form and will need to be painted or stained by the customer.

Cubby Central does not hold any responsibility for installations undertaken by client If the cubby is structurally not sound or stable. It is the customers responsibility that the cubby is installed correctly and secure enough for its intended use. If we are required to visit the site to fix installations by client there will be a $ 350.00 fee to do so.



Please note: our cubbies are not manufactured like Ikea furniture, they are not pre drilled – a level of building knowledge is required. We strongly recommend having Cubby Central install your cubby. Please do not alter or cut down pieces when self installing should you not be able to get them to fit – all cubbies are made from jigs and do not need to be altered.   If you have an issue during your self install, please call us, we can guide you through over the phone or offer assistance. (issues do occur when customers do not follow instructions, take it upon themselves to alter ,    or items are cut or altered which makes the installation impossible ) .  We then receive a call saying we have supplied wrong pieces or items are not square  –   please look into us installing for you. Yes there is a cost, however installation will be undertaken correctly with the minimum of fuss.

Should you find you are missing pieces of the cubby – please call .  We are a small business and there are times that small pieces can be missed whilst packing .  We will happily get the piece to you as quickly as we can .  Alternatively if you are able to purchase the missing piece we will happily re-imburse you for the item. We can either deliver it personally or have it couriered to you .  Please call as soon as you realise ( hopefully with a nice tone of voice – lol ) and we will try to assist as quickly as we can .

Please also note :  If you cubby is not installed level – the walls and doors and items such as hinged windows will not be able to be fitted correctly and may look “out of level / plumb”   It is VITAL that the floor is level prior to any install of windows and door etc .  Elevation kits are an extremely important item that must be installed correctly on posts and bearers , if you are installing or making your own elevation , we unfortunately can take no responsibility for doors, windows  and walls that are not level .  Elevation’s need and must sit on bearers . Please enquire as to the correct way to raise your cubby if you are concerned .



Cubbies WILL NOT be installed in wet weather. If the weather on day of scheduled installation is wet, another suitable day will need to be arranged regardless of Birthdays or functions. We apologise for this inconvenience , but with safety in mind our installers will not install in hail / gusty winds or even light showers – most customers are accepting of this , however a small portion think its fine for our installers to stand on a cubby roof in 80km an hour wind gusts . This will not happen …unless you agree to stand out with them in squally rains to watch – lol

If day of installation is wet, we will reschedule, however installations that were previously cancelled will be given priority.

Whilst we aim to provide customers with their requested accessory colour, such as slides, wheels, telescopes, handles etc, it is not always possible. If a specific colour is not in stock, you will be given the option of colors we do have in stock. Therefore no colour is guaranteed in relation to accessories and we do apologize if your chosen colour is not delivered with your order.

All delivery dates are subject to change. Whilst we try to accommodate all requested dates and times of arrival, we are a small company sometimes things can change and delays can occur due to delays on prior installations, weather, manufacturing issues or time delays in general. We hope you can be understanding as scheduling all cubbies to each customers requirements can be challenging!

Self installation of Elevated Cubbies and Grand Tower’s

Grand Tower Deluxe / Grand Tower Standard  are not available for Self Installation.


Interstate Freight


All cubbies will be delivered to a depot closest to you .  You will be contacted by BIG POST when your cubby  arrives at the depot .  You will need a trailer big enough to transport the cubby – no smaller than  a 5×7. Onforwarding can be arranged at a cost with the transport provider .

Delivery / Installation Site

The site in which cubby is to be installed on is to be level and free of debris, all trees /bushes removed. We do not remove trees or bushes from cubby location. Should we encounter a tree root, installation will be stopped until the customer has removed the tree or obstacle in the way. We do not remove rubbish that is not related to the cubby install after installation has taken place. If we encounter rock on site, there will be an additional fee to dig elevation posts into this rock and will be discussed with client prior to commencement or after noticing rock on the first initial dig.


Our installers are there to install your cubby to the best of their ability. It is you, the customer’s responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the installation of the cubby PRIOR TO THE INSTALLER LEAVING YOUR PREMISES. You must view the cubby ON THE DAY the installation is undertaken. AT THAT TIME advise the installer if necessary what you are unhappy with or what you feel needs to be rectified – YOU MUST ADVISE THE INSTALLER ON THE DAY. After the cubby has been installed, and you have given the ok, paid the installer, the installer will not return to the premises to “fix” something that you have noticed weeks after it has been installed.

Should there be difficult access or cubby is required to be carried above and beyond reasonable distance, there will be a fee to do so. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise Cubby Central if you have difficult access to the area and we will advise if there will be a fee to install in this area.